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Both the fabric and garment manufacturers are in Portugal.

Both are family-run companies and we have visited the factories on several occasions; both places are very happy and working conditions are fantastic.

Below are some examples:

  • The technology has been very well tried and tested by Outlast over the years since it was released. There are several research papers available to demonstrate the various claims.
  • The US Olympic triathlon team used the same technology to help regulate their temperature and improve their
    performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games.
  • The technology was used at the last Golf Ryder Cup event to help the competitors keep performing at their best no matter what the weather was doing in bonny Scotland!
  • It has been used to great effect by the military. Not only that; it’s even there for you when you get home and can be found in your pillows and mattress protectors!

So, here's the science behind it

  • It works by incorporating microcapsules into the yarn before the fabric is woven. These capsules contain a ‘phase change material’ (PCM), which absorbs the heat energy above a certain temperature and gives it back to you below a certain temperature. This helps to stabilise your temperature at 37 degrees.
  • It also stops you getting chilled even after you drive (perfect for 24 hour races in the early hours!).
  • As well as contributing to a stable body temperature, it can also reduce sweat production by up to 33% in normal usage (this has been documented by the US Military in trials).

We told you we were different.

Absolutely you can.

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In pretty much every aspect.

  • Plenty of fabrics have the ability to wick moisture away. This enables the body to evaporate sweat – one of the body’s main ways of keeping cool. However, in the confines of a car, with a race suit on and a race seat surrounding much of your body (not to mention restricted airflow) the wicking process is severely compromised. Walero knows you need more.
  • Walero base layers help to regulate your body’s temperature and, unlike most other garments, they respond and adjust to you, either to keep you fresh and cool when the heat is on or to keep you warm, supple and focused when it’s not.

TIP: On a cold day, try putting your base layers over a radiator before putting them on. Alternatively, put them in the fridge (or freezer!) if it’s going to be a scorcher! You’ll be amazed by the benefits.