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Our Founder and CEO

Fiona James

Launched in 2015, Walero was born from a passion to supply the motorsport world with a most technologically advanced underwear possible. Not willing to accept the norm, Walero has used NASA technology to develop the most advanced motorsport racewear on the market.

With an acute understanding of physiology, our founder and CEO, racing driver Fiona James, is all too aware of the strain that motorsports puts on a driver. The physical efforts of racing, the heat of the cockpit and inadvertantly insulating safety wear that the drivers wear can be a dangerous cocktail of factors. So, Fiona set herself a challenge: to find a solution to the heat stress, fatigue and drop in performance suffered by drivers due to heat. It was from this passion to find something better that Walero was born.
Introducing Walero Outdoors
Walero Outdoors combines NASA Developed technology and a proven track record in motorsport with a simple ideology: to change the way we explore the world we inhabit. 

Through our work in motorsport, we help some of the world’s best athletes achieve their true potential. Our motorsport wear utilises cutting-edge Outlast technology to actively regulate your body temperature. They are specifically designed to keep your body comfortable - allowing you to perform at your very best for longer. 

Walero Outdoors brings that technology and passion to outdoor apparel, to help you redefine your limits. Whatever your outdoor challenge - we believe you and your body deserve the best garments around to achieve your ultimate performance. 

We want people to get out there and explore the world around them. Therefore, it’s important we look after this wonderful world of ours as best as we possibly can. Our garments are produced with this in mind - using the most sustainable materials and production processes to ensure we look after our planet and preserve its natural beauty. 

By pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, we grow both physically and mentally. Climb the peak you never thought possible, traverse the trail you’ve dared to dream.

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